MAXIMATOR is a leading supplier of high-pressure, testing, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. With a history spanning decades in this field, MAXIMATOR is able to design and manufacture high-pressure systems that are able to meet the highest of demands in different industries.
MAXIMATOR also manufactures a wide range of high-pressure components such as pump, valves, fittings and tubings of up to 15,000bar.

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With a 40 years track record in South Korea, HSME’s reputation has been established with superb product performance. HSME’s range of products include instrument & hydraulic valves and fittings, DBB, monoflanges and manifolds.

Experience HSME in product performance, excellence in technical handling and outstanding solution.

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Spir Star

The market leader for high pressure hydraulic hoses for a wide range of applications. Spir Star’s hydraulic hoses are fully made in Germany and is well-known in the high-pressure field.
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